Huawei is expected to launch the world’s first three-fold screen mobile phone


 Huawei, as the leading manufacturer of foldable screens today, has already captured the vast majority of the market share, and has launched a variety of forms including outward folding, inward folding, and small folding. Now it is about to take the lead in launching a new form for the first time in the world.

According to the “Digital Chat Station”, “a certain manufacturer” will launch the world’s first three-fold screen mobile phone, which adopts an inward folding + outward folding solution and has a double hinge design. The screen size is expected to be around 10 inches.

Although the specific manufacturer was not explicitly mentioned, according to previous supply chain information, this manufacturer is undoubtedly Huawei.

This new tri-fold form will completely change the way and scenarios of using mobile phones. When the phone is fully unfolded, it will be comparable to a tablet and can even handle some office needs, such as simple text and spreadsheet processing.

In addition, it will refresh the “mobile phone” experience in terms of audio and video, and become the IMAX cinema in the mobile phone field.

Most importantly, the leak mentioned that the crease control of the tri-fold screen mobile phone is also very good, and will not cause any trouble in use after unfolding.

Because this new form will put forward more stringent requirements on screens, hinges, hinges, etc., a lot of new technologies are needed to support it.

Therefore, the cost of the entire machine will also increase greatly, especially the entire screen assembly, which accounts for a huge proportion and may account for 70% of the cost.

According to current product prices, the price of Huawei’s three-fold mobile phone may reach 15,000 yuan.

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