6100mAh battery! OnePlus Ace 3 Pro is first to use CATL’s ultra-high density battery


after the 618 e-commerce promotion ends, many new domestic mobile phones will be launched one after another, including OnePlus Ace3 Pro.

Today, digital blogger “Digital Chat Station” broke the news, saying that OnePlus Ace3 Pro will be the first to launch CATL’s 6100mAh ultra-high density battery, internally code-named “Dayu”, and support 100W flash charging.

It is worth mentioning that the OnePlus Ace3 Pro does not increase the thickness of the body due to the use of an extra-large battery, but is instead thinner and lighter.

The blogger revealed, “Compared to the previous generation, its lightest version is lighter than the previous generation, and its thinnest version is much thinner than the previous generation. The key is that the battery is 1100mAh larger.”

With the support of 6100mAh super large battery and 100W flash charging, OnePlus Ace3 Pro not only has longer battery life, but also has a stronger ability to charge and recover power. To put it in one sentence, “nothing bigger than it is faster than it, and nothing faster than it is bigger than it.”

According to leaks, the OnePlus Ace3 Pro will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, a 6.78-inch 1.5K 8T LTPO curved screen on the front, and a 50-megapixel main camera.

In terms of ID design, the new phone adopts a metal middle frame + 3D integrated ceramic design. The engineering machine is exposed to have three materials: hot-forged white ceramic body, hot-forged bright silver glass body, and plain leather body.

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