iOS 18 launches power off button: iPhone power off becomes more convenient


 as we all know, starting with iPhone X, Apple ushered in the era of full-screen phones. At the same time, subsequent models of iPhone X have removed the Home button.

The iPhone in the full-screen era is very different from previous models, and it is very inconvenient for users to shut down the phone.

Users need to press and hold either volume button and the side button at the same time until the power off slider appears, then drag the slider and wait 30 seconds for the device to shut down.

The good news is that on iOS 18, Apple has optimized the shutdown process. A new power shortcut switch has been added to the iOS 18 control center interface. When you click it, the shutdown slider interface will appear, and you can drag the slider to shut down.

It is worth noting that the adjustments to the iOS 18 control center go beyond this. It allows users to customize control switches and layouts, including adjusting their size.

It supports adding control options for third-party apps and creating new groups for controls. Users can quickly access new groups of commonly used control switches and easily switch between different groups.

In addition, iOS 18 supports personalized desktops. Icons can be customized in dark, light, or monochrome, and the size can also be set. When using large icons, the icons become textless mode, and the icons can be placed at will. The two control buttons at the bottom of the lock screen can also be replaced with other quick applications this time.

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