Apple and Huawei want to eliminate Smart Island/Three Digging Holes! Achieve under-screen face recognition in 2027


 the design of mobile phones has become more and more consistent in the past two years, especially the front. Each manufacturer is developing in the direction of straight screen, narrow bezel, and single hole punch.

Biometric identification almost always uses under-screen fingerprints. Currently, only Apple and Huawei (Mate series) still insist on using 3D face recognition.

Due to this limitation, the screens of Huawei and Apple cannot achieve the ultimate screen-to-body ratio like those of their competitors. They need to use three holes and smart islands to place the 3D face components.

At present, it seems that the two companies have no idea of ​​​​changing camps and are continuing to promote technological progress.

According to a report from Digital Chat Station, the supply chain will implement under-screen solutions for some components in 2026, allowing the hole size to be reduced.

By 2027, 3D face recognition with a single hole punch will be realized, and even a complete under-screen solution will be achieved. By then, it will be complete.

It is reported that Apple first started using Face ID facial recognition technology on the iPhone X in 2017 and continues to this day.

Huawei used 3D structured light face recognition technology for the first time on the Mate 20 Pro model in 2018, but it also supports screen fingerprints and continues to this day.

Both companies have now evolved from the original notch screen to a hole-punch screen, and the screen area occupied by the face module has been reduced.

Simply based on time, everyone will be able to experience the perfect face unlock product with iPhone 19 and Huawei Mate 100.

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