Apple iOS 18 developer preview Beta 3 released: dark mode icon adaptation added, etc.


Apple officially released the iOS/iPadOS 18 developer preview Beta 3 update early this morning, 14 days after the last release.

There are no new features added this time, only fixes for bugs and adaptation issues.

A lot of apps are now compatible with dark mode icons, and many third-party icons are no longer simply covered with a black effect. However, this kind of adaptation has never been a problem in the Apple ecosystem. After the official version is launched, almost all mainstream apps will actively adapt.

The system’s built-in wallpaper has been upgraded this time, with a new “dynamic” color-changing option added. After selecting it, the wallpaper will change color over time and present different effects at different times.

There is a permanent multi-select button in the Photo APP, and you don’t need to scroll down to see it.

The flashlight control has been optimized. After turning on the flashlight, the Smart Island component will be larger, making it easier for users to adjust the focus and brightness. It is more user-friendly than the previous two versions.

Some Apple Intelligence features are mentioned in the code, and it seems that Apple hopes to include them in future beta versions, so you don’t have to wait until September to experience some of the features.

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