Apple iPhone 16 Pro Lineup Will Feature Quad-Prism Periscope Telephoto Lens With 5X Optical Zoom As Standard

iPhone 16 pro max

According to the latest report, both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max models will be equipped with a quad-reflection prism system, supporting 5x optical zoom.

This marks a significant upgrade from the iPhone 15 Pro series, where only the larger Pro Max variant offered this feature, leaving fans of smaller screens and photography enthusiasts in a dilemma. However, this year, the issue has been resolved as the periscope telephoto lens becomes standard across the iPhone 16 Pro lineup.

Apple’s use of a quad-reflection prism periscope structure significantly differs from Android’s approach. The design allows for the CMOS sensor to remain flat on the motherboard after four refractions, substantially reducing the thickness of the camera module. As a result, unlike many Android flagships, the iPhone does not have a large camera bump.

However, this design comes with its trade-offs. While standard periscope lenses on Android devices require only one refraction, resulting in minimal light loss, Apple’s solution involves four refractions. Even with the use of high-quality materials, some light loss is inevitable, leading to a reduction in the amount of light reaching the CMOS sensor.

This can exacerbate the already challenging conditions for small sensors, particularly affecting the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s performance in low-light telephoto situations, where it falls short compared to its Android counterparts.

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