Apple Preparing For Split App Store To Comply With EU Regulations Of Side Loading By March 7

App Store

Apple’s upcoming changes to its App Store in response to the European Union’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA) are underway. According to Mark Gurman’s latest report, Apple is preparing to split its App Store into two separate entities in the coming weeks, distinguishing the EU from other regions. This move is to facilitate sideloading capabilities.

The DMA, soon to be officially implemented by the EU, categorizes large tech companies like Amazon, Apple, and Google as dominant market players. These companies are required to avoid abusing their market position to suppress or acquire competitors. Failure to comply could result in fines up to 10% of their annual turnover. The DMA mandates several obligations, including preventing user lock-in to their ecosystems, prohibiting mandatory pre-installed software bundling, allowing users freedom in choosing app stores, and ensuring interoperability of messaging apps.

Apple is expected to meet these EU standards by March 7, which means opening up the iOS app store for sideloading and enabling iMessage compatibility with Android devices. Unlike its approach to adopting USB-C, Apple is not globally implementing sideloading but is instead creating a separate section for the EU. This is significant as the App Store generates substantial revenue for Apple through its commission, often referred to as the “Apple tax.” Apple has previously reported to the EU that a reduction in App Store commissions could significantly impact its business operations, performance, and financial condition.

The article concludes by mentioning other related news, such as Apple’s website offering discounts for the Lunar New Year and the upcoming sale of the Apple Vision Pro.

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