Apple Started Warehousing For Vision Pro To Launch In February: Gurman

Vision Pro

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has revealed that Apple is gearing up for the launch of its new product, the Apple Vision Pro. The preparations are underway across Apple’s retail division and its supply chain network. The headsets are already being shipped to distribution warehouses in the United States, indicating a substantial stock availability for its expected launch in February.

Vision Pro Launch In February

This February launch aligns with Gurman’s previous predictions made in a December newsletter. He anticipates that Apple will soon make an official announcement about the release date of the device, possibly as early as next week. This move could be strategically timed to overshadow product news emerging from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Vision Pro Retail Preparations

In preparation for the launch, some Apple retail employees are reportedly traveling to Apple Park for sales training on the device. Each store is sending a contingent of two to four employees for this purpose. These employees will then relay the information learned to their colleagues upon their return. Additionally, Apple management has scheduled extended retail training sessions for the week of January 21, further indicating a February release.

Device’s Pricing

The Apple Vision Pro, priced at $3499 and above, will initially be available exclusively in the United States. Apple plans to introduce the device in additional countries later in 2024, with China, Canada, and the UK being considered for the first phase of the international rollout.


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