Follow in the footsteps of mini! Apple iPhone 16 Plus revealed to be last generation Plus model


 analyst Jeff Pu’s latest report pointed out that the iPhone 16 Plus will be Apple’s last generation Plus product, and next year’s iPhone 17 series will usher in a new member, the iPhone 17 Slim.

If the news is true, then the Plus model has gone through three generations of products and finally reached the same ending as the mini series.

Jeff Pu pointed out that one of the main reasons why Apple gave up the Plus model was that the sales of this model were lower than expected, and Apple faced more fierce competition in the global market.

Whether it is Honor and Huawei from China or Samsung Electronics from South Korea, they are launching highly competitive mobile phone products to grab market share.

According to data released by market research institutions, in May this year, Apple announced its second fiscal quarter (i.e. the first quarter of 2024) financial report. During this quarter, Apple’s global iPhone sales fell 10.5% year-on-year to US$45.96 billion.

Apple needs to build more competitive phones to regain the support of consumers, so it is not surprising that Plus was axed.

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