HMD Starts New Smartphone Website, Nokia Phones Officially Ended


The era of Nokia smartphones as we know it comes to a close with the launch of HMD’s official website, signaling the imminent arrival of the first HMD-branded phone. As Europe’s largest smartphone manufacturer and the maker of Nokia phones, HMD’s new website showcases a vibrant palette of blue, green, and red colors, hinting at the colorful options for the upcoming HMD phone.

Previously, HMD has been associated with producing Nokia smartphones but is now shifting focus to developing its brand of devices. The first HMD smartphone is expected to make its debut at the MWC event. This strategic pivot was set in motion in May 2016 when Nokia and HMD entered into a partnership, granting HMD the rights to the Nokia brand.

Under HMD’s stewardship, Nokia transitioned from its Windows Phone system to fully embrace the Android ecosystem. With the launch of HMD’s brand, the social media accounts have been rebranded to “HMD Global,” and the Nokia phone accounts have been discontinued. This marks the end of Nokia smartphones, once a household name alongside Motorola.

This development signifies a new chapter for HMD as it ventures into creating its own identity in the smartphone market, leaving behind the legacy of Nokia smartphones.

via: HMD

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