OnePlus Open Update Brings eSIM Support And Camera Tweaks


The latest firmware update for the OnePlus Open, a foldable smartphone from OnePlus, is significant in terms of both system enhancements and camera improvements. The update, identified as CPH2551_13.2.0.116, follows a previous update (CPH2551_13.2.0.114) that had already brought system and camera enhancements.

Key Features and Improvements of the CPH2551_13.2.0.116 Update

  1. eSIM Support: A notable addition to this update is the support for eSIM, expanding the connectivity options for users.
  2. System Enhancements:
    • The update improves the overall system stability, ensuring smoother and more reliable performance.
    • It addresses a slow response issue specifically encountered when tapping and holding a friend’s profile photo in WeChat on the cover screen.
    • The update resolves a problem where the Eraser tool in the Photos app might not respond properly to taps.
  3. Camera Improvements:
    • There is a significant increase in the clarity of photos taken at higher zoom ratios with the telephoto camera. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for users who rely on the camera’s zoom capabilities for detailed photography.
    • The update also improves the tone and color accuracy in photos taken in both Photo and Pro mode. This suggests that users can expect more natural and accurate colors in their photographs, enhancing the overall photography experience.

These updates collectively contribute to a more refined user experience, both in terms of device performance and camera capabilities. The introduction of eSIM support, coupled with system and camera improvements, positions the OnePlus Open as a more versatile and capable foldable smartphone.


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