OnePlus releases 6100mAh Glacier Battery: Smaller than the regular 5000mAh


 OnePlus officially released the OnePlus Glacier Battery.

It is reported that the capacity of OnePlus Glacier Battery reaches 6100mAh and it has three self-developed innovative technologies, including high-capacity bionic silicon-carbon material, bionic honeycomb structure design and silicon-carbon negative electrode life algorithm.

In addition, OnePlus’ Glacier Battery is industry-leading, with a silicon content of up to 6% and an energy density of 763Wh/L.

While having an ultra-large capacity, the OnePlus Glacier Battery is 3% smaller in size than an ordinary 5000mAh battery, but its battery capacity has increased by 23.1%.

Moreover, it has the highest charging efficiency of silicon-carbon negative electrode batteries, supports 100W long-life flash charging, can charge for 5 minutes and play games for 2 hours, and can be charged to 100% in just 36 minutes.

More importantly, after 4 years of use, the health of the OnePlus Glacier battery is still greater than or equal to 80%.

Li Jie said that the Glacier Battery is a high-performance battery specially designed for high-performance mobile phones. It has high energy density, large capacity and fast charging. It is a “new species of battery” that has never appeared in the industry.

This battery will be first installed in OnePlus Ace 3 Pro, and the new product will be officially launched in July.

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