Realme GT5 Pro Features Sony LYT-808 Camera Sensor Just Like OnePlus 12


Realme has officially unveiled on its Weibo account that, the Realme GT5 Pro will feature the same Sony LYT-808 image sensor as the OnePlus 12. This sensor is notable for its impressive imaging capabilities, making it a standout feature of the Realme GT5 Pro.

Sony LYT-808 Image Sensor in Realme GT5 Pro

The Sony LYT-808 image sensor boasts 50 million pixels and a large 1/1.4-inch sensor size. It utilizes dual-layer transistor pixel technology, placing it just behind the strongest one-inch sensors in terms of imaging power.

This sensor is considered the strongest main camera in its class. Designed with a combination of hardware and algorithms, the LYT-808 can perfectly restore the most challenging bright and dark parts of an image, ensuring that bright areas are not overexposed while maintaining detail in darker areas.

Additional Camera Features

In addition to the LYT-808 sensor, the Realme GT5 Pro will also be equipped with the industry’s largest bottom IMX890 super optical shadow periscope telephoto lens. This lens will elevate the telephoto experience to the level of flagship main cameras in terms of image quality.

Enhanced Imaging Engine

The Realme GT5 Pro will feature a new “Super Optical Shadow Engine,” which will bring improvements in AI semantic perception, image quality enhancement, and computational lighting effects. This upgrade signifies a significant leap in flagship algorithms.

Realme GT5 Pro Other Specifications

The Realme GT5 Pro is set to include the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen3 mobile platform, LPDDR5X RAM, and UFS4.0 storage. It will also feature a 3VC iceberg cooling system. The device will be powered by a 5400mAh battery, supporting 100W fast charging and 50W wireless charging, making it the first Realme phone to offer wireless charging. It is important to mention here that the OnePlus 12 also offers a 5400mAh Battery along with the same charging capacities.

The Realme GT5 Pro, with its advanced Sony LYT-808 image sensor, enhanced imaging engine, and robust hardware specifications, is poised to be a significant release in the smartphone market. Its combination of high-end camera capabilities and powerful performance components positions it as a strong contender in the high-end smartphone segment.


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