Redmi K70 Extreme Edition officially announced to be released this month


 the Redmi K70 Extreme Edition was finally officially announced this morning and will be officially released this month.

Officially, the phone is said to be the best in performance, the most perfect product by Redmi so far, and it has three firsts in gaming experience:

1. Performance score first

2. No. 1 in frame rate and energy efficiency in the same game

3. Original/Iron self-developed super-frame super-resolution concurrency, the longest duration

According to previous news, the phone is the first to launch Huaxing’s new generation 1.5K flagship straight screen, built based on C8+ materials, with a longer pixel life, and can provide the best low-light eye protection in the industry.

The 1.5K screen is also a specification that the K series Extreme Edition has continued. Although it is not as delicate as the 2K screen, it is still much better than 1080P. It is more power-saving than the 2K screen and takes into account both battery life and clarity.

In other aspects, the Redmi K70 Extreme Edition will be equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 9300+, with a CPU main frequency of up to 3.4GHz, a 40% increase in peak performance of the full-core CPU, and a 33% reduction in power consumption.

With a super-powerful cooling system and crazy tuning, it can achieve long-lasting operation of original picture/super-resolution enhancement in games.

The phone will also support IP68 dust and water resistance, and will be the only flagship phone that supports IP68 during the summer.

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