Samsung launches a slim model before Apple! Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim appears


Ross Young, CEO of screen supply chain consulting firm DSCC, revealed on social media that Samsung is developing a new foldable phone, Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim, and plans to launch it in the fourth quarter of 2024.

According to Ross Young, the screen size of this new phone will exceed that of the existing Galaxy Z Fold6, and the price is expected to remain the same as Fold6, but unfortunately, it will not support the S Pen stylus function.

In addition, Ross Young also mentioned that he has obtained the specific size and screen specifications of this foldable phone, and will disclose them in detail in the future “Foldable Report”.

Samsung’s move reminds people of the possible iPhone 17 Slim launched by Apple. According to previous online reports, analyst Jeff Pu predicts that Apple will replace the existing Plus series with the iPhone 17 Slim. The model will be equipped with an A18 or A19 chip and 8GB of RAM.

Editor’s comments:

As the two giants in the smartphone market, Samsung and Apple always attract much attention for their product line updates and adjustments. The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold6 Slim shows its continued investment and innovation in the field of foldable screen technology.

Currently, the test results of the Galaxy Z Fold6 series carrier version (model SM-F956U) have appeared on Geekbench, and the platform confirms that it will be equipped with Qualcomm’s third-generation Snapdragon 8 platform.

The test data also shows that Samsung’s new folding flagship Galaxy Z Fold6 will be equipped with 12GB of memory and pre-installed with Android 14 system.

The lack of support for S Pen may disappoint some consumers who are looking forward to this feature. At the same time, rumors about Apple’s iPhone 17 Slim also foreshadow possible changes in Apple’s product strategy, especially for the replacement of the Plus series, which may have a certain impact on the market.

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