Samsung Midrange Foldables Set To Come in 2024


Samsung is poised to expand its foldable smartphone lineup to include mid-range options in 2024, potentially offering more budget-friendly alternatives to its premium foldable devices. This move would see Samsung joining other manufacturers like Motorola, which have already introduced more accessible foldable models.

According to insights from the research firm TrendForce via Android Authority, which draws on information from supply chain sources, Samsung’s strategy shift to include mid-range foldable phones is on the horizon. While specifics about the features and specifications of these upcoming devices remain under wraps, the market has already witnessed the launch of mid-tier foldables in 2023, such as the TECNO Phantom V Flip and the Motorola RAZR 2023.

Mid-range foldables, including those from TECNO and Motorola, typically feature compromises to achieve a lower price point. These compromises often include mid-tier processors, the absence of wireless charging, lack of water resistance, smaller external displays, and less impressive camera setups. For instance, the Motorola RAZR 2023 is priced at around $700, making the trade-offs more acceptable for the reduced cost.

It’s anticipated that Samsung’s approach to creating a more affordable Galaxy Z Fold or Galaxy Z Flip would involve similar concessions. This could mean opting for plastic materials over glass and scaling back on premium features to lower the price.

The concept of a mid-range Galaxy foldable isn’t entirely new; rumors of a Galaxy Fold FE (Fan Edition) surfaced back in 2020, but such a device has yet to materialize. While the introduction of mid-range foldables by Samsung in 2024 seems like a natural progression for the company to retain its dominance in the foldable market segment, it may still be advisable to temper expectations until more concrete information is available.

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