Samsung Unveils Cling Band Display AKA Wrist Phone Concept At MWC 2024

Samsung Cling band

At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Samsung Display showcased a variety of innovative display technologies, with the most eye-catching being a concept phone that can bend into a bracelet. Named the Samsung Cling Band, this device features a flexible OLED screen that covers the entire front of the phone with a sleek design. The back of the phone includes a long hinge structure, which might raise concerns about comfort.

The Samsung Cling Band allows users to bend it into a ring to wear on the wrist or unfold it into a traditional smartphone form for regular use. Samsung claims that the screen remains smooth without visible creases when bent, ensuring both display quality and touch sensitivity are maintained.

Inspired by bracelets and watches, the Samsung Cling Band is envisioned as a new wearable device offering convenience and functionality. It enables users to access time, weather, notifications, and health data, and engage in video calls, gaming, and entertainment. Samsung also demonstrated various use cases for the device, including at the gym, office, and home.

In addition to the Samsung Cling Band, Samsung Display also presented other intriguing screen concepts, such as speakers with flexible displays and earphone charging cases with screens. These concepts are based on Samsung’s proprietary flexible OLED technology, which boasts high brightness, high contrast, low power consumption, ultra-thinness, and flexibility for screens of various shapes and sizes.

While these products are currently in the conceptual stage, Samsung Display’s showcase reaffirms its innovation and leadership in the display sector, offering a glimpse into the potential future of electronic product design.


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