4.8″ of AMOLED perfectionTaking you right to the edgeThe AMOLED screen improves response times and contrast ratio, giving a superior viewing experience. The screen also consumes significantly less power, meaning that you can spend longer watching the things you want without killing your battery.

The KAZAM Tornado 348 screen fills the device, thanks to the super slim 1.8mm bezel on either side of the screen.Designed to take your breath away5.15mm of cutting edge technologyBuilt around a precision machiened aluminium-magnesium alloy, the robust design allows for a super slim device whilst maintaining maximum strength. Encased on both sides by Gorilla GlassĀ©, the colours have a deep glossy finish, amplified further by the Champaign gold trim of the uni-boy design.

Available in black or whiteOcta-core and a whole lot moreā€¦KAZAM Tornado 348 packed tightly with the letest and greatestThe KAZAM Tornado 348 is not just a sensational design, if you look beneath the sleek exterior there is some heavy hitting technology.ProcessorOur Mediatek True8core processor works seamlessly within the KAZAM Tornado 348 to provide outstanding user experience.

The 8 cores work independently of each other for maximum multi tasking, or together when you need the extra power. Android 4.4KitKat offers a more polished design, improved performance and some new features to provide a truly immersive experience.

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