Xiaomi CEO Emphasis On Xiaomi 14 Pro’s Lightening 3.2 USB Gen 2


Xiaomi has made a significant upgrade in its latest smartphone series, the Xiaomi 14, by incorporating the fastest USB 3.2 interface. This move marks a departure from the long-standing use of the USB 2.0 specification in Xiaomi’s phones. The Xiaomi 14 supports a speed of 5Gbps, while the Xiaomi 14 Pro boasts a remarkable 10Gbps speed, making it the fastest USB interface currently available in smartphones.

Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, commented on this development, noting that despite being criticized by some users in the past for sticking with USB 2.0, the company’s decision to upgrade to USB 3.2 in the Xiaomi 14 Pro seems to have garnered less attention than expected. He explained that the primary reason for persisting with USB 2.0 in the past was its low utilization rate among average users, which allowed the company to allocate costs to other features of the phone.

Most users today prefer wireless network transmission for its convenience and decent speed, without the need for physical connections. Lei Jun responded to a user comment on his Weibo post, stating that including the fastest USB would significantly increase the product’s cost.

Many netizens have scoffed at the notion of cost-saving, often underestimating the cost of a USB interface, which they believe to be less than five yuan. However, this perspective overlooks the fact that a complete product is composed of numerous such details. If the cost of each detail were to increase by five yuan, the overall production cost would rise substantially, leading to higher retail prices. Therefore, a balanced view of the configuration and cost is essential.

This development in Xiaomi’s smartphone technology reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and adapting to user preferences, even when it involves challenging long-standing practices.

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