2024 year of silicon negative electrode battery explosion! Xu Qi: New trend of Snapdragon 8 Gen4 flagship upgrade


Snapdragon 8 Gen4 will become the standard configuration for Android high-end flagships in 2024. Today, Realme Xu Qi posted on Weibo that the three major upgrade trends for high-end flagships in 2024 are silicon negative electrode batteries, 8T LTPO screens, and AI large models.

Among them, the most popular is the new generation of silicon-based negative electrode battery. Previously, a blogger revealed that many high-end flagships under OPPO and vivo will be equipped with ultra-large capacity silicon-based negative electrode batteries of more than 6000mAh, which will greatly improve the battery life of the mobile phone.

It is reported that the current negative electrode material of lithium batteries is mainly graphite. Although graphite has the advantages of high conductivity and stability, its development in energy density has approached its theoretical maximum value of 372mAh/g.

Compared with traditional graphite materials, silicon negative electrodes have obvious advantages in specific capacity and will become the first choice for high energy density batteries in the future. Specifically, the theoretical capacity of silicon materials is as high as 4200mAh/g. Due to its huge development potential in energy density, silicon-based negative electrodes are regarded as the next generation of ideal negative electrodes and have become a driving force for the advancement of battery technology.

This technological innovation significantly improves the energy density of mobile phone batteries, providing a solid technical foundation for mobile phone manufacturers to pursue longer battery life.

There is no doubt that the realme GT7 Pro that will be launched next will also be equipped with a new generation of silicon-based negative electrode batteries, and its battery life will be greatly improved.

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