Apple Releases iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 Beta 3 For Developers

iOS 17.4

Apple has rolled out the iOS/iPadOS 17.4 Developer Preview Beta 3 update (build number: 21E5200d) to iPhone and iPad users, marking a week since the last release. This update continues to align with the upcoming regulations set to be implemented in Europe in March, with further refinements to various components and APIs, including StoreKit.

The update log for iOS/iPadOS 17.4 Beta 3 mirrors that of Beta 2, focusing on adjustments for the European market’s new regulations. Here are the detailed updates and fixes included in this release:

General Issues

  • The default browser selection screen may not display as expected, and some managed apps might fail to install or show errors.
    • Solution: Navigate to “Settings” > “Privacy & Security” > “Location Services”. Turn off location services for 10 seconds, then turn it back on.

App Store

  • Fixed an issue where some App Store product pages displayed the “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” error.


  • Known issue: The SDK lacks the createVisibilityPropagationInteraction symbol.


  • Known issue: It may not be possible to view live video from HomeKit cameras after leaving home.
    • Solution: Restart the device used to watch the video.


  • Known issue: MapKit SwiftUI apps might display incorrect walking and cycling route map modes.


  • Known issue: Using Memoji or third-party stickers may result in a blank screen.

Object Capture

  • New feature: A manual bounding box process is initiated if automatic object detection fails, especially in the absence of a prominent ground plane. Users must use standard manual bounding box controls to indicate the boundaries of the object to capture.
    • Resolved issues include fixing the rotation of point cloud views in landscape UI orientation and speeding up the creation of photogrammetry sessions on iOS. A memory leak issue when ObjectCaptureSession is used in a SwiftUI environment or deleted before cleanup completion has also been addressed.


  • Known issue: Clicking on a podcast show in “Recent Searches” occasionally returns to the “Recent Searches” view instead of the podcast product page.
    • Solution: Swipe to remove the show from the recent searches list and perform a new search.

Setup Assistant

  • Known issue: Pairing may fail when setting up a new device using “Quick Start”.
    • Solution: Set up the new device manually.

Shared iPad

  • Known issue: Users may immediately see a “Loading” screen in the Files app after logging into a shared iPad.
    • Solution: Restart the Files app.


  • New features include sending StoreKit messages with billing errors when a subscription attempts to renew with the “Enable Billing Retry on Renewal” setting enabled in StoreKit configuration files. Developers can now configure the visibility of product descriptions in ProductView, StoreView, and SubscriptionStoreView instances within the view hierarchy using the productDescriptionHidden(_:) API.


  • New features support dynamic numbers of columns in Table with the new TableColumnForEach. Popovers that exceed the safe area will now automatically be dismissed.

This update also includes instructions for upgrading to the developer preview and public beta versions of iOS/iPadOS 17, along with a comprehensive list of Apple’s iOS firmware download history and the release history of iOS/iPadOS 17.


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