Apple Starts iOS 17.4 Developer Preview And Integrate Compliance With EU

iOS 17.4

Apple officially released the first beta version of iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 to developers, with the official version expected to be launched in March. This update is significant as Apple will introduce application sideloading in iOS 17.4 by March 6 to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). This new system will allow iPhone and iPad users to download and install apps from app markets outside the App Store.

Alternative app markets will operate as iOS applications, enabling the installation of other iOS apps on iPhones or iPads. However, apps must be “notarized” before being listed, ensuring they are functional, secure, and do not excessively collect private data.

Any developer can create an app market, provided it meets Apple’s standards in customer experience, fraud prevention, and customer support. Apple will not charge a commission on apps installed through other markets, nor will it charge for alternative payment systems. The EU’s App Store update also allows the use of these payment systems.

Developers can integrate alternative payment processors into their apps, allowing users to make purchases and check out entirely within the app. Alternatively, developers can link to their websites for purchases.

Despite the absence of commission on third-party app markets, Apple will still charge a “core technology fee” of 0.5 euros per account per installation, with the first million installations free for all developers. After one million installations, the fee will be charged.

In addition to opening sideloading, Apple has also reduced the App Store commission locally, lowering the original 30% commission to 17%. The 15% commission for subscriptions over a year or for small businesses will be reduced to 10%.


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