Galaxy S24 Follows iPhone’s Display Features Beats iPhone in PWM Dimming Frequency

Galaxy s24

Samsung has launched its new flagship the Galaxy S24 Series recently, the device has been tested by critiques and found that the Galaxy S24 series follows Apple’s display features and makes the phone more like Apple’s iPhone display it is argued that Galaxy S24 beats iPhone in PWM refresh rate and dimming frequency.

PWM Dimming Frequency

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s PWM dimming frequency is measured at 492Hz, which is higher than the iPhone’s 480Hz. This marks a significant improvement from previous Samsung Galaxy series models, which had a PWM frequency of 240Hz, a standard that Apple also used years ago before upgrading to 480Hz with the iPhone 13 series.

Enhanced User Comfort

A tester who used the Galaxy S24 Ultra for several days noted that it was more comfortable and eye-friendly compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Screen Specifications

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, along with the S24 and S24+, all support 492Hz PWM dimming. Notably, the S24 Ultra and S24+ are equipped with 2K screens. The system’s default screen resolution is FHD+, but users can manually adjust it to QHD+ for a higher display quality.

Market Availability

The Galaxy S24 series, featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 platform, is already on the market.

This information highlights Samsung’s continuous efforts to improve the display technology in its flagship smartphones, focusing on user comfort and visual experience.


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