Available exclusively online! vivo X Fold3 Pro 12GB+256GB version official announcement


 vivo Huang Tao announced that during the 618 period, vivo will launch the online exclusive X Fold3 Pro 12+256GB version. The blue factory is trying to lower the threshold so that everyone can use it as soon as possible. It can be used frequently and it can be really big. Used folding flagship.

Huang Tao also said that vivo X Fold3 Pro is the most suitable folding screen for Apple users. Facts have proved that among consumers who buy the X Fold3 series, the proportion of old Apple users is the highest.

The current price of vivo X Fold3 Pro 16GB+512GB is 9,999 yuan, and the price of 12GB+256GB is expected to be around 9,000 yuan.

It is understood that the vivo Pixel Zeiss super telephoto lens and 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera.

In addition, whether it is an external screen or an internal screen, vivo X Fold3 Pro adopts 3D ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology. Under the quadruple protection of armored feather structure, carbon fiber hinge, UTG super tough glass and impact-resistant film, vivo X Fold3 Pro It has become the first mobile phone in the world to obtain SGS five-star anti-fall certification for foldable devices.

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