Galaxy S24 Ultra, S25 Ultra, and S26 Ultra To Have Amazing Camera Upgrades

Galaxy s24 ultra camera

A leaker, known as Revegnus, has posted what appears to be a camera roadmap for the future models of the Galaxy S Ultra series, extending to the Galaxy S26 Ultra in 2026.

Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Camera Expectations

For the Galaxy S24 Ultra, expected next year, the leaker suggests it will feature a 50MP folded telephoto camera. However, the exact zoom factor remains unspecified amidst various reports and leaks.

Major Upgrades Anticipated for Galaxy S25 Ultra

The Galaxy S25 Ultra, slated for release in 2025, is rumored to receive significant camera upgrades. The most notable is a folded telephoto camera with variable zoom capabilities, allowing for high image quality across different zoom levels.

This feature, already present in Sony’s Xperia phones, could be a game-changer for Samsung if it covers a wider zoom range. Additionally, the S25 Ultra is expected to have an upgraded main camera and a 50MP ultrawide camera, potentially enabling 8K recording with digital stabilization.

Galaxy S26 Ultra’s Future Camera Innovations

Looking further ahead to 2026, the Galaxy S26 Ultra is predicted to feature an upgraded 200MP main camera with a larger 1/1.10-inch sensor and 0.7-micron pixels, compared to the S23 Ultra’s 200MP camera with a 1/1.3-inch sensor and 0.6-micron pixels. This improvement could enhance light-gathering capability and image quality.

Cautious Optimism Advised

Despite these exciting prospects, the article advises caution, as these claims, particularly for the S25 Ultra and S26 Ultra, are based on leaks and the phones’ release dates are still far off. Specifications could change as the launch approaches.

In summary, the Samsung Galaxy S Ultra series is poised for significant camera advancements in the coming years, with the S25 Ultra and S26 Ultra expected to bring major upgrades in imaging technology. However, as with all leaks, these details should be taken with a grain of caution until official announcements are made.


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