Google Pixel 8a Certification Confirms The Battery Capacity of 4942mAh

Google Pixel 8a

The Google Pixel 8a, the successor to the Pixel 7a and aimed at the mid-range market, is reportedly in development alongside other anticipated devices like the Pixel Fold 2 and Pixel 9 series. Recent certification details have revealed a battery capacity of 4942mAh for a device believed to be the Pixel 8a, suggesting its existence and hinting at significant improvements over its predecessor.

If this device is indeed part of the Pixel 8a series, it would represent the largest battery upgrade in an entry-level model in Google’s smartphone history. The previous generation, the Google Pixel 7a, featured a battery capacity of 4385mAh, indicating a 12.7% increase in battery size for the Pixel 8a.

This enhancement in battery capacity is a clear indication of Google’s commitment to improving the user experience by extending the device’s longevity, potentially setting a new standard for battery life in the mid-range smartphone segment.


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