Honor Magic 6 Rhino Glass Tested

Magic 6 Rhino Glass

It was leaked earlier that Honor Magic 6 Will Use Rhino Glass For better protection. On January 22, 2024, Honor officially discussed the Rhino Glass used in the Honor Magic 6 series. This announcement was made through a collaboration between Honor’s product manager Cao Hepu and the chief editor of JiGuo, Song Chao, who together explained the strength and resilience of this new glass technology.

In a video titled “Behind the Conversation: How Strong is Honor’s Rhino Glass?”, Song Chao from JiGuo stated that the Honor screen withstood three rounds of extreme challenges, emerging victorious in each test. He asked Cao Hepu about the secret behind the strength of this glass.

Cao Hepu explained that the strength of glass is determined by its body strength and stress strength, with a parameter called Young’s modulus measuring the body strength. The higher the Young’s modulus, the stronger the glass. The Rhino Glass, being a 2.0 version of nano microcrystalline glass, has a Young’s modulus of 106GPa, the highest in the industry, compared to regular nano microcrystalline glass at 93GPa.

The technology behind nano microcrystalline glass involves intricate processes related to glass formulation, thermal crystallization treatment, and 3D thermal bending of the glass. Even minor changes in these processes can significantly impact the glass’s performance.

Cao Hepu mentioned that Honor introduced the first generation of nano microcrystalline glass technology in 2021 with the Honor Magic 3 Ultimate Edition. The new Rhino Glass builds upon this technology by changing the type of crystals embedded in the glass, increasing the crystal content, and enhancing the surface stress of the glass.

Compared to the previous generation, Rhino Glass has nearly 50% more crystals, 20% higher stored stress, and a 30% increase in drop resistance, making it one of the industry’s top-performing glasses.

Furthermore, Cao Hepu revealed that the entire Honor Magic 6 series is equipped with Rhino Glass, aiming to let consumers experience this advanced technology more broadly and quickly.


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