Honor Magic 6 Pro Battery Tested In Space Under Extremely Low Temperature

Magic 6 Pro

Honor Magic 6

In a remarkable display of technological advancement, the Honor Magic 6 Pro has successfully completed a high-altitude extreme cold test, showcasing the resilience of its second-generation Qinghai Lake battery. Announced in January 2024, the Honor Magic 6 series, equipped with this advanced battery technology, has demonstrated exceptional performance under extreme conditions.

During a meticulously planned test, the Honor Magic 6 Pro, fully charged to 100%, embarked on a journey to the edge of space. As it ascended, the surrounding temperature plummeted, reaching a chilling low of -18.3°C. Despite these harsh conditions, the smartphone endured over three hours in the cold, landing with an impressive 86% battery life remaining. This feat not only highlights the device’s durability but also its superior battery efficiency compared to its competitors, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which it surpasses by 66% in similar cold conditions.

The Honor Magic 6 series benefits significantly from the second-generation Qinghai Lake battery’s robust performance in cold weather, ensuring that users won’t have to worry about their phones shutting down due to freezing temperatures. This series is further enhanced by Honor’s proprietary E1 energy efficiency enhancement chip and the Dujiangyan power management system, which together improve energy management precision threefold through real-time voltage monitoring at the chip level.

This breakthrough in battery technology and power management underscores Honor’s commitment to innovation and its ability to deliver high-performing, reliable smartphones that cater to consumers’ needs in all conditions.


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