Huawei Registers New Patent To Extend Battery Life Significantly


On March 14th, according to the Qichacha app, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd has recently made public a patent titled “A Method for Data Synchronization and Related Device, System.” This innovation outlines a method where, upon data updates, a first device within a communication system sends water level information to a central device within the same system. This water level information indicates the update status of the data, and the central device maintains the water level information for all devices within the communication system.

When there is a need for data synchronization, a second device can obtain this water level information from the central device and synchronize data based on this information. Huawei’s approach utilizes the central device for water level synchronization, eliminating the need to awaken all other devices in the system with each data update.

This method significantly reduces the frequency of device awakenings for data synchronization, decreases the number of connections established between devices, and lowers the power consumption associated with data synchronization.

However, the potential for message reception delays with this method remains to be verified through practical testing.


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