Huawei P70 Launching In April Design Finalized

Huawei P70

The Huawei P70 series is set to launch next month, in April, marking a significant shift in the company’s product strategy. According to insider information, Huawei has elevated the importance of the P series above the Mate series within the company, assigning it the critical task of reclaiming the top spot in imaging capabilities.

The P70 series is expected to feature the Kirin 9000S processor, also used in the Mate 60 series, and will support 5G and satellite communication, which were major selling points for the Mate 60 lineup.

In terms of imaging, the P70 series is anticipated to achieve the most significant improvement in nearly three years. The high-end P70 Art model will be equipped with the Sony IMX989 sensor as its main camera, boasting a full 1-inch sensor size, the largest ever in Huawei’s history of flagship imaging devices.

Beyond the top-tier model, the entire P70 series will standardize on a 50 million-pixel primary camera with a large sensor and a periscope telephoto lens, ensuring impressive imaging capabilities across the board.

The P series, traditionally aimed at a younger audience and known for its more fashionable design compared to the Mate series, is expected to appeal to a broader demographic and potentially outperform the Mate 60 series in the market.

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