Huawei To Launch Its Own Display Headset With Vision Pro Trademark In China

Vision Pro

Following the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro, Huawei is set to introduce its head-mounted display, with a price tag of around 15,000 yuan. Huawei, having registered the “Vision Pro” trademark back in 2019, is ahead in the legal trademark space, potentially complicating Apple’s naming strategy in China.

Huawei’s upcoming head-mounted device is rumored to feature a Huawei-developed chip, offering nearly lag-free spatial operations. It’s expected to be equipped with a Sony 4K Micro-OLED screen, weighing about 350 grams, and will forgo the “eyesight” feature found in Apple’s Vision Pro, aiming for a more lightweight design.

In the Chinese market, Huawei’s early registration of the “Vision Pro” trademark, covering products from LCD TVs to VR devices, puts Apple in a position where it might have to negotiate with Huawei or consider renaming its product for the Chinese market.

Huawei’s proactive trademark registration across several countries for “Vision Pro” overlaps significantly with Apple’s product, posing challenges to Apple’s launch. Industry experts suggest that Huawei’s registration was strategic and clear, leaving Apple with limited options: either to settle with Huawei or to rename its Vision Pro for the Chinese market.

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