iOS 17.1.1 Bug Freezes iPhones: Easy Workaround Is Available


In September, Apple launched iOS 17 for all compatible iPhone models, coinciding with the announcement of the iPhone 15 lineup. This new version of iOS was initially plagued with various bugs, including connectivity issues, user interface stutters, and notably, overheating problems particularly affecting the iPhone 15 Pro models.

After about two months, Apple released several updates to address these issues. However, a peculiar bug has recently been identified in iOS 17, causing the iPhone screen to become entirely unresponsive. Fortunately, there is a straightforward solution to this problem.

The bug in iOS 17 results in the iPhone freezing and failing to register any touch input. This issue was particularly pronounced with the iPhone 15 Pro, which represented a significant upgrade from the previous iPhone 14 Pro.

The overheating issue initially overshadowed the excitement around the new model, with some attributing it to the new titanium finish of the iPhone. However, a YouTuber debunked this theory, suggesting that Instagram was the actual cause. Apple acknowledged the problem, attributing it to a bug in iOS 17 that led to the overheating of the iPhone 15 Pro models.

Apple’s release of iOS 17.0.3 included a fix for the overheating issue, seemingly resolving the matter. However, iOS 17 still contains a few unresolved bugs. A notable bug in iOS 17.1.1 causes various iPhone models to freeze completely, rendering them unresponsive to touch input and even to pressing the Volume and Power buttons.

This bug is hidden within the App Library section of iOS 17. It has been demonstrated in a video by an iPhone X user and has been confirmed through testing on a range of models, including the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The bug seems to affect the new iPhone 15 models as well and is part of iOS 17.1.1. It’s important to note that this bug doesn’t activate independently; it requires user initiation from the App Library. However, it can be triggered by anyone accessing the phone, potentially rendering the device inoperable.

If you encounter this issue, you can perform a force restart on your iPhone. This involves pressing and releasing the Volume Up button, then quickly pressing and releasing the Volume Down button, followed by pressing and holding the Power Button until the Apple logo appears.

This screen freezing bug has been tested on iPhone models running iOS 17.1.1. Apple is expected to address this issue in the upcoming iOS 17.2 update, which is currently in the beta phase. Updates on this matter will be provided as more information becomes available.


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