Android 14 with OneUI 6 Update Rolls Out To Galaxy S22 In The U.S.


Samsung’s One UI 6 update, eagerly awaited by Galaxy S22 owners in the United States, is finally being rolled out, marking a significant update for these devices. This rollout follows the update’s earlier availability in Europe and the UK, which began around mid-November.

The update’s arrival in the US had been delayed, but it is now accessible to users, although its availability may vary based on factors such as the carrier and whether the device is locked or unlocked.

The One UI 6 update was first introduced to European S22 phones, and its release in the US was anticipated after Samsung concluded its One UI 6 beta program for the S22. This program had released the final version to beta testers in a limited capacity before the full Android 14 update went live.

The Galaxy S22 underwent four One UI 6 beta versions before the final version was released, in contrast to the Galaxy S23, which received nine beta builds.

The full launch of One UI 6 is expected to be a gradual process, and users may experience some frustration during this period. However, those who have managed to download the update are expressing satisfaction with the new features and improvements it brings.

One UI 6 offers several enhancements, including refined emojis, improved quick settings, and a new camera widget, which are being particularly appreciated by S23 owners. The update also addresses the issue of spam in Samsung’s weather app, making it more user-friendly. Additionally, One UI 6 enhances Chromecast support with improved screen-sharing capabilities, reflecting Samsung’s efforts to iron out previous bugs and streamline access to this feature.

These updates, while seemingly minor, contribute significantly to the overall user interface experience on Galaxy devices. Features like the Camera widget offer quick and efficient management of the camera app, capturing special moments more conveniently. The direct access to quick settings simplifies device management, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to delivering a more refined and user-friendly interface.

In summary, the One UI 6 update for the Galaxy S22 in the US is a welcome development for users, bringing a host of improvements and new features that enhance the overall experience of using Samsung’s flagship devices.


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