iPhone 16/Pro series OLED screen orders this year amount to 130 million units


, according to the latest disclosure from people familiar with the matter, Samsung Display and LG Display have been approved to mass-produce OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone 16 series models.

According to reports, Samsung has won the supply of all four models of the iPhone 16 series, while LG only supplies two Pro models.

Among them, Samsung’s orders this year reached about 90 million units, LG had nearly 43 million units, and the total order volume this year reached 130 million units. Samsung is expected to officially start mass production in June.

As for BOE, which has been frequently rumored in previous years, it did not appear this time, but it was reported that it will supply the future iPhone SE4 display screen, which will also be a considerable order.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 16 Pro series uses a new screen technology this year, which further compresses the black borders on all sides to achieve the industry’s narrowest border, and it is physically four-sided.

Among them, the black border of iPhone 16 Pro is only 1.2mm, and the black border of iPhone 16 Pro Max is only 1.15mm.

Thanks to this, the screen size of the two models has increased to 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches while the body of the two models remains almost unchanged.

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