Samsung Galaxy S25 may introduce MediaTek for the first time


There is speculation that Samsung’s new flagship Galaxy S25 series may introduce the MediaTek Dimensity platform for the first time.

There are three reasons:

One is that Samsung’s new 3nm process is too poor.

Although Samsung invested heavily and used GAA transistors for the first time, the results were disastrous. The yield rate of its own Exynos 2500 processor was less than 20%, which was not enough to meet the demand.

The second is to prevent Qualcomm from dominating the market.

It is said that the next generation Snapdragon 8 Gen4 will increase in price by 25-30% to US$240-260. If the Galaxy S25 series only uses it, the cost pressure will be very great.

Third, MediaTek Dimensity has made rapid progress in recent years and is not inferior to Qualcomm Snapdragon in any aspect. The various revelations about the next-generation Dimensity 9400 are also gratifying.

In fact, Samsung has used MediaTek processors before, but they were always low-end products and have never been used in flagship phones.

However, South Korean media said that Samsung has not given up on the 3nm process and Exynos 2500, and is still working hard to improve it, especially since the Galaxy S25 series is still early for release, so it may not be too late.

Of course, even if this is true, the supply will not be too large, at least not in the initial stage.

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