iPhone 16 Pro series will be equipped with periscope lens as standard: supporting 5x zoom


 Apple will introduce the same 5x optical zoom quadrangular prism periscope lens as the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the iPhone 16 Pro.

It is reported that Apple has already placed module orders with Largan Precision and Yujing Optoelectronics to start production.

This means that this year’s iPhone 16 Pro series will come standard with a periscope telephoto lens that supports 5x optical zoom.

When the iPhone 15 Pro series was first released, many people who like small screens and taking photos were very confused because only the large-screen version of the Pro Max supported periscope. However, this problem will no longer exist this year.

It should be noted that the quadruple reflection prism periscope structure used by Apple is very different from that of Android. After four refractions, the CMOS is still placed flat on the motherboard, which can greatly reduce the thickness of the camera module, so the iPhone does not have a huge bulge like the Android flagship.

But this design has both advantages and disadvantages. Ordinary Android periscopes only require one refraction, so the light loss is relatively small.

Apple’s solution undergoes four refractions. Even with the best materials, light loss along the way is inevitable, which results in a reduction in the amount of light that is ultimately transmitted to the CMOS, making the already small amount even worse.

Therefore, the night scene telephoto performance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max is relatively poor, far inferior to its Android competitors.

And with the more commonly used 3x lens performance, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is obviously not as good as the upright 3x telephoto performance on the iPhone 15 Pro. The overall performance is very embarrassing, and it is unclear whether Apple will make improvements this year.

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