Honor Magic V3 once again breaks the record of thinness in the millimeter era


 this afternoon, Honor held an exploration tour of Honor’s thin and light technology.

At this event, Honor announced that Honor Magic V3 once again broke the record of thinness and lightness in the millimeter era and was the first to launch the newly upgraded Honor Luban architecture.

Its hinge draws on the arch-type swing arm structure of the Zhaozhou Bridge and adopts the second-generation Honor shield steel and aerospace special fibers. The hinge life is increased by 25%, the hinge stiffness is increased by 1250%, and the steel strength reaches 2100Mpa.

At the same time, Honor has also developed its own shield steel to further improve the integration and reliability of the hinge. The second-generation Honor shield steel is infinitely close to the theoretical limit of MIM steel, making the steel strength of Honor Magic V3 reach 2100Mpa, creating the most reliable hinge components and achieving the thinnest and strongest win-win situation.

In addition, Honor Magic V3 is the world’s first third-generation Qinghai Lake battery, which is completely reconstructed from structure to materials, bringing a new experience of lightness, high density and high efficiency.

In terms of screen, Honor has opened up a new track of screen silicon nitride crystal coating technology after three years of technical pre-research and development, effectively solving the contradiction between screen transmittance and hardness.

This new product will be launched on July 12.

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