iPhone 16 Pro To Have New ALD Camera Coating To Reduce Lens Flare

iPhone 16 pro max

According to a new rumor, Apple has found a way to further improve the photo quality of the iPhone 16 Pro by reducing the influence of scattered light. The iPhone 16 Pro will also have a new camera coating.

Goodbye lens flares?

This is reported by the online magazine AppleInsider and refers to a new leak. A short report by the blogger “yeux1122” states that Apple has worked on a new coating that reduces lens reflections, the so-called flares, and thus greatly improves the image quality, for example in the case of slight backlighting and light coming from the side.

What exactly this coating is all about was not explained. However, in the leak, yeux1122 reports that Apple is experimenting with a new coating technology for the camera lens for the iPhone 16 Pro. “With this, we will be able to see improvements in the quality of photography, such as a reduction in flares,” said yeux1122. It is not stated exactly where the information comes from, but it is said to be an internal Apple source.

ALD coating

The technology, called Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), is intended to enable an ultra-thin coating, just a few nanometers thick, that can be applied evenly to the lenses.

The technology is not entirely unknown. It is already being tested by automakers to reduce errors caused by lens flare in the cameras used by electric vehicles for lane control. By adding a filter, the iPhone 16 Pro’s cameras should reduce flare. Apple is also said to be working on further improvements in photo quality.

One point is probably to reduce ghosting, where bright elements of an image can appear twice. Ghosting and flickering are perhaps the two biggest criticisms that continue to plague Apple’s iPhone cameras.

The extent to which this rumor has substance is currently difficult to assess. A new lens coating is not unreasonable, and Apple could do something about the image quality. However, the blogger only has a mixed record when it comes to his leaks.

It has already been repeatedly rumored that the iPhone 16 Pro will receive the tetraprism lens, which was previously exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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