iPhone folding screen can be folded in both directions


A folding screen patent from Apple was recently exposed. Its biggest attraction is the unique hinge design, which can achieve two-way folding inward and outward.

As we all know, the current mainstream folding screen mobile phones either fold inwards or one-way outwards. Apple’s new patent explores a two-way folding solution.

In this regard, OPPO Zhou Yibao pointed out that it is meaningless to fold out the mobile phone, and the cost is greater than the benefit. At present, the folding screen has slowly disappeared in the industry and will completely disappear within three years.

Zhou Yibao explained that the outward folding and the inner folding seem to be the same, but the problem of the thickness of the inner folding can be solved with the development of technology, but the quality problem of the outer folding cannot be solved by technological development.

Because the most fragile thing about a folding screen is the flexible screen that can be bent. If you expose it directly to the outside, bright spots and bright lines will appear if you bump it casually. This is no longer a technical problem, but a physical problem that cannot be solved in a short time. , this alone is enough to characterize the external folding plan.

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