iOS 17.5 First Release Candidate Is Ready

iOS 17

Apple has released another preliminary version of iOS 17.5. The beta test is now coming to an end and this update is the official release candidate. The final release could therefore take place at the beginning of next week.

Completion of iOS 17.5

The release candidate was just a formality, as Apple had already indicated a few days ago that the new version would be released soon. With the beta update launched in the developer channel, Apple is now on the home stretch for the completion of iOS and iPadOS 17.5.

This is reported by the AppleInsider. Apple has therefore published a whole bunch of release candidates.

With the release of the new beta version, only a few bug fixes have been delivered, according to the release notes. So basically nothing stands in the way of releasing it to all users, unless a bug is discovered that requires another round of beta – this has happened several times in the past.

Update is available

The new update is available as an update. Registered users simply obtain the new version over-the-air, i.e. as an online update. Anyone who has not yet registered for the beta program can do so at any time and enter the beta phase. However, you should keep in mind that, as with any beta version, unforeseen problems could occur.

Apple therefore warns with every new round of beta testing that it is better not to use your production iPhone, but rather a second device for the tests. In addition to the new iOS beta, other updates are also available – including for iPadOS and watchOS, which are also release candidates.

iOS 17.5 is not the last update for iOS 17 until Apple launches iOS 18 in the fall. However, it is unlikely that Apple will bring many changes to iOS 17.

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