MediaTek unveils two new chips at COMPUTEX: Leading the era of full-scenario AI


At COMPUTEX 2024, MediaTek used its innovative AI technology to paint a picture of a future world full of intelligence.

From smartphones to smart homes to smart cockpits in cars, MediaTek is injecting the magic of AI into every corner, making the era of full-scene AI no longer far away.

Two chips, two breakthroughs

At this exhibition, MediaTek released two milestone chip products: Kompanio 838 mobile computing chip and Pentonic 800 smart TV chip.

The launch of these two chips not only represents MediaTek’s breakthrough in chip technology, but also the result of its intensive efforts in the field of AI applications.

Kompanio 838 is a chip tailor-made for Chromebooks. It is equipped with a powerful eight-core CPU that can easily cope with multi-tasking challenges and allow thin and light Chromebooks to have all-day battery life.

Its integrated AI processor NPU 650 makes the Chromebook’s AI capabilities even more powerful, bringing both user interaction and multimedia experience to new heights.

The Pentonic 800 is a chip for 4K smart TVs and display devices. It is suitable for various 4K display devices, including smart TVs, smart monitors, commercial displays and other large-screen applications.

The performance of the built-in AI processor of Pentonic 800 has been improved by 50%, the memory bandwidth usage can be reduced by up to 60%, and it supports a variety of AI image quality enhancement technologies, significantly improving the image quality of display devices.

Generative AI mobile phones, MediaTek leads the way in innovation

MediaTek CEO Dr. Cai Lixing mentioned in his speech that MediaTek is promoting the full arrival of the AI ​​era through its technology. In the field of smartphones, MediaTek’s AI technology is leading the development of generative AI mobile phones, bringing users an unprecedented personalized experience.

At the MDDC held last month, MediaTek not only demonstrated its strong capabilities in the field of mobile AI, but also released the “Generative AI Mobile Phone Industry White Paper” together with its ecosystem partners. It also demonstrated its new role as a leader in technological innovation in the mobile industry through a series of major releases and the participation of partners.

The launch of the Dimensity AI Development Kit and the Dimensity 9300+ flagship 5G generative AI mobile chip, with its outstanding full-big-core architecture design and generative AI capabilities, brings a flagship-level experience upgrade to terminal devices.

AI technology, ubiquitous smart life

MediaTek’s AI technology is not limited to smartphones, it is being applied to more fields. Whether it is automotive smart cockpit, Internet of Things, smart TV or Chromebook, MediaTek’s AI technology is driving innovation in these industries, making devices more intelligent, connected and user-friendly.

Through the application of these technologies, MediaTek is building a full-scenario AI ecosystem, making AI technology ubiquitous and bringing convenience to people’s lives and work. Whether at home, on the road, or in the office, people can enjoy the intelligence and convenience brought by AI technology.

Final Thoughts

At COMPUTEX 2024, MediaTek not only showcased two new chips, but also showed us a smart future.

With the continuous advancement and popularization of AI technology, we have reason to believe that MediaTek will lead the innovation and development of AI technology worldwide, bringing a smarter and better future to human society. Let us look forward to the next surprise brought by MediaTek.

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