OPPO Find X7 Debuts with New Sony’s LYT-900 Sensor

Find X7 Pro

OPPO has officially announced that its upcoming Find X7 will be the first smartphone to feature Sony’s new LYT-900 sensor. This sensor represents Sony’s latest generation of large-bottom sensors, known as “Mirror Kings,” and boasts a one-inch super-large bottom.

The LYT-900 sensor offers advanced manufacturing processes, enhanced light sensitivity, higher purity, and a broader dynamic range. Sony has previously introduced the LYT-900 as a 50MP sensor with a single pixel size of 1.6μm.

The sensor supports Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) technology, which automatically switches between high gain (HCG) and low gain (LCG) modes to optimize dynamic range and noise performance. In low light, the LYT-900 switches to HCG mode for higher sensitivity and clearer image data with reduced noise. In bright conditions, it switches to LCG mode to prevent overexposure and retain details.

The OPPO Find X7 series will also feature an unprecedented dual periscope design, working in tandem to enhance telephoto image quality and stability.

In summary, the OPPO Find X7, with its groundbreaking Sony LYT-900 sensor and innovative dual periscope design, is set to redefine smartphone photography. This device represents a significant advancement in imaging technology, promising superior photo and video quality across various lighting conditions.


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