OPPO Reno 11 Series Enhances Health Monitoring Capabilities

Oppo Reno 11

OPPO has announced an update for the Reno 11 series, adding the ability to measure heart rate and sleep directly using the phone. This feature eliminates the need for external devices, making health monitoring more convenient for users.

The heart rate monitoring function utilizes the phone’s IMU sensor to capture the heart’s rhythmic signals (BCG). Users can simply place the phone gently against their chest, and within 15 seconds, the device will provide heart rate information.

For sleep monitoring, the phone’s IMU sensor detects bed vibrations and BCG signals caused by the heartbeat. By placing the phone beside the pillow during sleep, it can track sleep stages, heart rate, breathing rate, and even snoring, offering a comprehensive assessment of sleep quality.

However, it’s important to note that the sleep monitoring feature is only supported on the OPPO Reno 11 Pro model. To monitor snoring, the phone’s microphone function must be enabled. Additionally, the update includes a health condition-sharing feature, allowing users to add family members and choose which data to share. This enables real-time monitoring and support for family members’ health.

In summary, the OPPO Reno 11 series new health monitoring features provide users with an easy and integrated way to track their heart rate and sleep quality, enhancing the overall utility of the smartphone. This update reflects OPPO’s commitment to incorporating health and wellness functionalities into its devices.


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