Oppo Find X7 Features Cross-Platform Connectivity Including Android, Windows And Mac

Find X7

At a recent event, OPPO announced a significant feature for its Find X7 smartphone: cross-platform connectivity. This new functionality enables seamless interaction and collaboration between Android and macOS/Windows systems, marking a significant advancement in multi-device integration.

The Find X7 supports various file formats, including AI, Psd, Xmind, and Visio, allowing professional files and images to be easily transferred and accessed across different platforms. This cross-platform flow ensures that documents, formats, devices, and ecosystems are all interconnected through a single device.

One of the key advantages of this feature is that it doesn’t require the installation of third-party applications. Right out of the box, users can view a wide range of file formats, including keynote, pages, numbers, CAD, markdown, and many others. This capability significantly enhances mobile collaboration and office efficiency.

Additionally, the Find X7’s “Portable Workbench” feature allows users to search, view, edit, and transfer files from their phone or tablet anytime, anywhere, offering a new experience in cross-platform file management.

The phone integrates Microsoft’s PhoneLink feature, enabling seamless connectivity with Windows computers without the need for downloading any apps. Users can easily open phone apps, make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and transfer files on their PC.

Furthermore, files received on the phone collected content materials, and call recording logs can be quickly transferred to a connected Windows system computer via PhoneLink.

In summary, the OPPO Find X7 stands out with its ability to bridge Android, Apple, and Windows platforms, offering a seamless and efficient experience for users who work across multiple devices and operating systems.


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