Oppo Find X7 Ultra Real Portrait Photos Show Amazing Results

Find X7

This year’s OPPO Find X7 series has introduced a new Ultra model while omitting the Pro variant. The standard Find X7, however, delivers a Pro-level experience, especially in imaging. Since the OPPO FindX6, OPPO has set a new standard in imaging, with each camera using industry-leading large sensor technology and optical design, capable of handling challenging shooting scenarios.

The OPPO Find X7 features a triple main camera setup, including a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle large sensor, a LYT808 50-megapixel 1/1.4-inch large sensor wide-angle, and a 64-megapixel ultra-sensitive periscope telephoto lens, maintaining flagship hardware standards.

The Find X7’s portrait mode integrates advanced computational photography algorithms like instantaneous dual capture and hair strand calculation. This results in seamless, realistic portrait quality. The Hasselblad Portrait Mode on the Find X7 emulates Hasselblad’s classic medium format lenses XCD30 and XCD80, offering progressive blurring that naturally varies in intensity, creating a more optical blur effect.

The Find X7 also excels in handling hair strands and edge details in portraits. Additionally, the phone optimizes shooting for still life subjects like pets and food in portrait mode, achieving impressive depth effects.

The large sensor of the main camera ensures excellent light intake, accurate color and light reproduction, and natural building contours. The Find X7 handles backlighting well without over-brightening or creating ‘dead black’ areas in the image, preserving details in both highlights and shadows.

In low light conditions, the Find X7 captures detailed images with a natural contrast between light and dark, effectively conveying the ambiance of night scenes.

The ultra-sensitive periscope telephoto lens of the Find X7 delivers outstanding color, detail, and tolerance in long-focus photography. The phone also offers a 6x long-focus photo option, using high-pixel mode and super-resolution algorithms to achieve effects comparable to optical zoom.

The new generation of the Super Light and Shadow Image Engine in the Find X7 integrates three major algorithms: Super Clear Quality, Super Light and Shadow Image, and Natural Color. This engine utilizes instantaneous dual capture technology for high dynamic metadata collection and expands the maximum exposure time by nearly 100%, providing a larger dynamic range for each frame.

The upgraded Super Light and Shadow Image algorithm finely calculates mid-tones, replicating Hasselblad’s advanced tonal performance. The phone’s full P3 color gamut ensures more accurate color reproduction in photos.

In conclusion, the OPPO Find X7, as a standard flagship smartphone, offers Pro-level performance in static imaging. The phone also brings a full-focal-length Dolby video shooting experience to the MediaTek flagship platform, allowing 4K video shooting with all three main cameras and approaching the iPhone’s video capabilities.

OPPO continues to solidify its leading position in mobile imaging and sets new flagship standards for the industry.


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