Oppo Pad Air2 Comes With Global Eye Protection


OPPO officially launched its latest generation tablet, the OPPO Pad Air2, starting at a price of CNY 1299 ($185). This new product is equipped with a 2.4K ultra-clear resolution and a 90Hz high-refresh-rate eye-protecting large screen.

It supports hardware-level blue light protection and exclusive screen color temperature adjustment, offering excellent eye protection. The OPPO Pad Air2 is also equipped with a one-stop intelligent education center and flagship-level cross-screen interconnectivity, making it a trustworthy mid-range eye-protecting learning tablet for parents.

Oppo Pad Air2 Screen and Comfort

The OPPO Pad Air2 features an 11.4-inch flagship-level low-blue light LCD screen, which directly filters about 60% of harmful high-energy blue light, reducing blue light damage from the source. The screen’s 2.4K ultra-clear resolution, 90Hz high refresh rate, and 7:5 book-like large screen provide a comfortable and smooth viewing experience.

In addition to the hardware-level blue light protection, the OPPO Pad Air2 is equipped with a flagship color temperature brightness sensor, taking eye protection to the extreme. The tablet automatically adjusts screen color temperature when the sleep mode is activated, reducing blue light’s inhibition of melatonin secretion at night, thereby aiding sleep.

Thanks to its outstanding eye protection capabilities, the OPPO Pad Air2 has received dual certifications from TÜV Rheinland for global eye protection and rhythm-friendly features. It ensures color quality while reducing the risk of vision loss and insomnia in young people.

The tablet also has built-in learning space features, including posture reminders, sedentary reminders, distance reminders, and dim light reminders, to prevent vision damage from improper learning environments and correct learning postures. Additionally, children can switch between lamp eye protection mode and e-book mode according to the environment, reducing visual fatigue.

Oppo Pad Air2 Prices

The OPPO Pad Air2, as a mid-range learning tablet, surpasses similar products in its class with its eye protection and educational assistance features, making it the top choice for young learners. The tablet is available in deep space gray and flowing light silver colors, with different storage options: 6GB+128GB for 1299 yuan, 8GB+128GB for CNY 1499 ($210), and 8GB+256GB for CNY 1699 ($240), with a 100 yuan discount on the first sale. The OPPO Pad Air2 is now open for pre-orders and will be available for sale on November 25 at OPPO’s online and offline channels.

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