Prices Of Replacement Parts For Galaxy S24 Series Unveiled

Galaxy S24

Recently, a Slovenian repair shop, Mobistekla, has reportedly listed the prices for various replacement parts for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series on its website. This information provides insights into the potential costs for repairing key components like the battery and screen of the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra.

For the standard Galaxy S24, the battery replacement is priced at €68, while the screen and front glass repair costs are €259 and €165, respectively. The rear glass might cost €71 to replace, with the camera lens cover at €42. The front and rear cameras are listed at €69 and €99 for replacements.

The Galaxy S24+ shows slightly different pricing, with the battery listed at €72 and the front glass + screen at €255. The front and rear glass replacements are priced at €175 and €72, respectively, while the front and rear camera replacements are €75 and €105. The lens covers for the rear cameras are priced at €45.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, being the most expensive in the lineup, has its screen replacement cost at €375, and the front and rear glass panels could cost €199 and €48, respectively. The front and rear cameras might cost €66 and €150 for replacements. Notably, the replacement cost for the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s case (body) is listed at €350, significantly higher than the Galaxy S24 (€233) and the Galaxy S24+ (€243). This higher cost is potentially due to its rumored titanium frame, which is more expensive to manufacture.

The accuracy of these prices and their comparison to those from authorized or official Samsung after-sales service centers is yet to be confirmed. However, the prices are not expected to vary significantly. This information is crucial for potential buyers to understand the repair costs associated with the Galaxy S24 series.

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