The most powerful small folding device! Xiaomi MIX Flip


 product manager Wei Siqi changed to a new mobile phone, which should be MIX Flip – Xiaomi’s first small folding phone.

Currently, Xiaomi MIX Flip has obtained network access permission, and its model is 2405CPX3DC.

The phone has many selling points, including an extra-large external screen, a thin and light body, a Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor, and Leica Master Imaging.

It is reported that Xiaomi MIX Flip is the first Snapdragon 8 Gen3 small folding phone, and also the first small folding phone equipped with Leica Master Portrait, and it is also the most powerful small folding phone to date.

Especially the Leica Master Portrait, which is different from the previous Leica Classic and Leica Vivid modes. The Leica Master Portrait must first ensure sufficient exposure of the face to ensure healthy and natural skin color.

At the same time, the white balance of the picture also prioritizes ensuring accurate skin color, and the saturation should not be too high. For facial details, they are restored as much as possible through optical means to avoid unnatural textures caused by using sharpening algorithms. At the same time, the noise reduction algorithm should not be too aggressive and smooth out the details.

You should be more restrained in using beauty filters to avoid the false feeling caused by excessive beautification.

This is the new master portrait jointly created by Xiaomi and Leica. The new product will be launched in July and is worth looking forward to.

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