Serious ScreenSeeing is believingThe 4.5” FWVGA (480×854) is a mighty screen, but that doesn’t mean it feels overwhelming in the hand, thanks to its considered design.

Modern ClassicLess can be more with design. The simple design astetic of the KAZAM Thunder2 4.5L makes use of soft touch finish to make the phone feel as good as it looks. It starts with LTE But that is not where it ends…

The KAZAM Thunder² 4.5L when combined with a Quad Core processor makes this LTE phone super speedy. But with expandable memory and removable battery this device offers much moreSD Card. The multimedia capabilities of smartphones requires increased memory for those who wish to store movies and music. Expandable memory allows you to store multiple movies or thousands of songs.

Removable Battery By popping off the back cover, you can access the removable battery. If you are a heavy user you can simply pop in a spare, or pinch your mate’s.

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