A Screen To Be Seen Colours that pop and brightness that be dazzles 4.0″ WVGA (480 x 800) IPS screen provides resolution that makes the small screens as good as the big screen.

Small & Compact Design Proof that good things really do come in small packages. Design should never be compromised. The KAZAM Thunder 340W is housed in a sleek sliver body, its removable back cover conseals Dual SIM slots, micro SD card and a removable battery, all secured in a robust chasis SPEC-TACULAR It might be sleek and sexy, but it packs a performace punch

The Thunder 340W has a multitasking quad core processor, dual SIM, expandable memory that makes this compact little smartphone a force to be reckoned Dual SIM From combining your personal and business phone into one, or inserting a local SIM card when you travel, dual SIM provides the ultimate in flexibility SD Card

The multimedia capabilities of smartphones requires increased memory for those who wish to store movies and music. Expandable memory allows you to store multiple movies or thousands of songs

Removable Battery By popping off the back cover, you can access the removable battery. If you are a heavy user you can simply pop in a spare, or pinch your mate’s.

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